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Educational Avalanche Awareness Series, 2019

Educational Avalanche Awareness Series, 2019

Good people, doing good things. Our community grows stronger when individuals regularly and persistently do simple things together that give them a chance engage, connect and build trust. In addition to our taproom, patio and mezzanine seating, we are proud to feature a community room to bring together people with diverse experiences and backgrounds to inspire positive community change.

Our community room serves as a platform for organizations, businesses or groups gathering to hold meetings, workshops, or presentations.

Space Available:

Our Community Room: Mezzanine Level, requires stairs) 20'x25' // 501 square feet // Capacity Approx. 40 people but varies with seating/standing configuration. Projector, screen, sound, and wifi are included in reservation.

Taproom/Patio: Space available on first floor for events where accommodations are needed.

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Community Room Guidelines

The purpose of this community room is to connect our community to each other as well as provide a space for shared experiences and positive engagement. Our community room is private property of Matchwood Brewing Company. Individuals, groups or organizations that condone, exercise, engage in or have a history of violence, white supremacy, racism, sexismhate, intolerance, bullying or other inappropriate behavior inconsistent with Matchwood Brewing Company values will not be given access and will not be invited to utilize the community room. Our community room is located within our larger space and events held within the community room must be respectful of other spaces and guests enjoying these spaces.

We believe in face-to-face communication and transparency. All requests for the community room use will be reviewed by the Matchwood team to ensure this space continues to support our mission, follows our guiding values, and enhances the brewery experience for all. If you seek to have a conversation with management at Matchwood Brewing Company -- please email us at info@matchwoodbrewing.com. We strive to respond within 48 hours. We look forward to learning more about your community gathering!

Guiding Values

Our mission to is foster positive community change through the power of dialogue and laughter -- one delicious handcrafted beer at a time. The following values will guide how we monitor and manage our spaces.

Create a positive and safe experience for all. Together as a community, our health and growth will depend on a mutual respect for each other, adventure, challenge, hard work and a desire to make all who open our doors, pages and sites feel as though we are welcoming them into our own homes.

Connect our customers to each other to build and foster community. We are a community-driven, civically-minded company and believe in building strong relationships. In a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected, we seek to offer an oasis for personal connections – a space where people feel welcome, safe, cared for, appreciated and whose presence is a source of delight. We believe in the power of human connection and believe it is the foundation of our community. This space is intended to bring people together, not apart.

Empower our community to communicate about what matters to us. We strive to create and provide space to discuss, consider and engage in efforts that build community, improves our quality of life and encourages creativity and collaboration. We seek to leave our community better than we found it for generations to come.

Help our community discover quality, craft beer and food. We will use high-quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and provide exceptional service.  We are dedicated to cleanliness and innovation.

Encourage investment in our community. We believe that the community of Sandpoint is our most important stakeholder. As such, when our brewery succeeds, we aim to give back to the community in gratitude for the success of our business.